Acrylic Painting Techniques – Acrylics Can Look Like Watercolor & Oil Paintings – Tips and Benefits


Acrylic paint on is an adaptable medium that permits specialists to make pieces that seem as though they were painted with watercolors, oils, and additionally acrylics.

Watercolor Look

Acrylic paint is generally more murky than watercolors. Be that as it may, mediums can be added to it to accomplish a similar sort of look. You can blend a coating medium, drifting medium, or a varnish legitimately with the paint, or paint the medium on a superficial level first and afterward paint on it, to accomplish a watercolor look. The paint that comes in bottles is more slender than the ones that comes in the cylinders, which is more glue-like. The packaged paint will take less medium to accomplish a watercolor look.

Oil Painting Look

To accomplish a greater amount of an oil painting look, you can buy the thicker acrylic paint that comes in tubes, or potentially add a surface medium to it to give it a greater amount of an oil impasto look. Perhaps the greatest distinction in making works of art with acrylic paints that resemble oil paintings however, is the drying time. Oils take such a long time to dry and one can return and mix in another shading months after the fact. Acrylics, in any case, dry rather rapidly, so mixing must be done rather rapidly, for the most part inside a moment or two. Including extenders drags out the drying time and gives some greater functionality time to the paint. Another technique is to layer a base coat with the acrylic paint first; this gives a progressively strong shading to mix on. When the base coat has dried, re-wet the base coat with a similar shading, at that point include your mixing shading. Another approach to mix is to put two distinct hues next to each other, directly on the brush.


A few advantages of painting with acrylic paint is that most brands and hues are appraised non-poisonous, and they just require cleanser and water tidy up. Acrylic works of art are more perpetual than watercolors, dry quicker than oils; and can be tangled and confined behind glass, or surrounded inside an outside edge.